September 11th


6AM – 7:30AM


Boot Camp

Train like a champ with the champs!

For the next Boot Camp only, one of Hit Fit’s top trainers and boxing coaches, Sean Hall, will be joining pro-MMA fighter Cole Nagy as a guest instructor for 4 weeks of training for your mind and body. Sean subbed for our last Boot Camp and the feedback was so good that we asked him back to sub a whole camp! (No experience necessary).

Our famous Fitness Boxing Boot Camp has been tried and tested by thousands, and proven to be the one true way to burn weight, boost endurance, increase strength, improve flexibility and get all the other benefits of a real boxers workout all at the same time.

CEO’s and Housewives, armchair warriors and pro triathletes, dentists and fighters, sinners and saints have all trained side by side in our program which has been refined and honed over the past 10 years.

Our indoor and outdoor workouts which vary daily include dynamic stretching, running, heavy bags, mitt work, jumping rope, body weight exercises, circuit training all designed to give you fast hands, fast feet, a strong core and have you looking good and feeling great.

The 4 week course ramps up day by day – week by week. As the 4 weeks progress – so does the intensity of your cardio and the complexity of your boxing drills.

With a total of 30 hours training over the course of 4 weeks we will help get you to your goals and beyond.

When you sign up for Boot Camp you can use the gym and take classes for free until Boot Camp starts to give you a jump start on your training. 

So sign up now!

Please call us at the gym at 415-440-8269
Or Call Simon directly at 415-710-0261 to get started.

We’ll see you – September 11th – 6am sharp. Don’t be late!

What to expect during our 4 week Boot Camp:
  • Learn to jump rope like a pro.
  • Heavy bag work
  • Running (short distances with intense bursts on hills)
  • Punch mitt drills
  • TRX
  • Circuit training
  • Medicine balls drills
  • Battle rope drills
  • Tire drills
  • Kettle bells
  • Calisthenics
  • and all sorts of old school boxing conditioning!

You will need boxing gloves (12oz or more), hand wraps and a jump rope. All items are available through the gym at package rate of $92. (Genuine leather gloves, 180 inch wraps and adjustable pro rope)

“We don’t use machines………we build them”


I did a 6 week boxing bootcamp, and I can honestly say it was the best thing I could have done for myself. Monica M
These guys kick your a$$ into shape! They’re pretty hard core, but they know what they’re doing. Lemon S
I just finished a bootcamp there. First experience: very satisfying; I want more! MURIELLE D