About Us

HIT FIT SF Nob Hill  has over 6000 square feet with
  • 35 Heavybags
  • A full size Competition boxing ring
  • 2 double end bags
  • 50 TRX stations
  • Medicine balls, slam balls, wall balls
  • Weights
  • Battle ropes
  • Chin bars, dip bars
  • Showers, changing rooms and towel service



Simon Redmond, co founded 3rd St Boxing Gym in 2003, and later opened Polk St. Boxing Gym in 2007. A 1999 Golden Glove Champ, he always knew how unbeatable a boxers training routine is for ultimate fitness.

But after getting certified in TRX 2014; he found an equal! Quickly realizing that combining the 2 workouts under one roof could make for an amazing gym offering amazing workouts – he began looking for a suitable space AND a world class team!

Simon recruited 2 of the best TRX Pro Trainers on the west coast; Jamel Ramiro and Lielen DeGuzman and two of the most respected Strength and Conditioning Trainers in San Francisco: Hank “The Tank” Frost and Cole “The Beast” Nagy and Pro MMA Fighter Xavier Macay to join forces with his Polk ST Boxing Gym trainer squad.

With the team in place Simon secured a cool airy Mission location and HIT FIT SF opened its doors August 1st 2014.

Around the same time he found out that the building housing Polk St Boxing Gym was sold to a developer and slated for demolition.

While this was a terrible news…it was also an opportunity: move famed Polk St Boxing Gym into a new location and combine it with the exciting and dynamic TRX workouts the team had honed in the Mission gym.

The hunt for a new space was on!

It took over a year to find just the right spot….high ceilings, big open space, red brick walls, skylights giving dramatic natural lighting. October 2015 HIT FIT SF opened the doors on its Nob Hill location.

Simon and his team form a uniquely qualified team of trainers unlike any other in the Bay Area.

Their goal is to offer high energy, fun filled workouts welcoming weekend warriors and pro athletes alike.

All fitness levels are made to feel very welcome as they aspire to provide a community workout environment with a family vibe!

So dont delay! They offer your 1st Boxing class and your first TRX Circuit Training Class for free!

You will also see the top ranked local amateurs and professional boxers sparring in their ring.

Come and train like a champ with the champs!