About Us

We don’t use machines…. we build them!

HIT Fit SF opened with goal of bringing together the best workouts, and the best trainers, San Francisco has to offer: Boxing and TRX combined with heart pounding Circuit Training workouts.

HIT Fit SF has over 5000 square feet with
  • 20 heavybags
  • 30 TRX stations
  • Medicine balls, slam balls, wall balls
  • Dumbbells
  • Battle ropes, climbing ropes
  • Chin bars, dip bars
  • Showers, changing rooms and towel service
  • Indoor bike parking

Simon Redmond, co founded 3rd St Boxing Gym in 2003, and later opened Polk St. Boxing Gym in 2007. A 1999 Golden Glove Champ, he always knew how unbeatable a boxers training routine is for ultimate fitness.

But after getting certified in TRX late last year; he found an equal! Quickly realizing that combining the 2 workouts under one roof could make for an amazing gym offering amazing workouts, and with a long time desire to open a gym in the mission district, he began looking for a suitable space AND a team…

Simon recruited 2 of the best TRX Pro Trainers on the west coast; Jamel Ramiro and Lielen DeGuzman and two of the most respected Strength and Conditioning Trainers in San Francisco: Hank “The Tank” Frost and Cole Nagy.

Together they form a uniquely qualified team of trainers unlike any other in the Bay Area.

Their goal is to offer high energy, fun filled workouts welcoming weekend warriors and pro athletes alike.

All fitness levels are made to feel very welcome as they aspire to provide a workouts environment with a family type vibe!


So don’t delay! They offer your 1st Boxing class and your first TRX Circuit Training Class for free!

Your 1st class is always free!


Beginner Boxing

These classes are where it all starts!

Our Beginner Boxing Classes is the perfect introduction to boxing fundamentals for our welcome newcomers.

What to expect.

Our Beginner Boxing Classes cover proper stance, jabs, right crosses, hooks, basic footwork.

While not as intense a workout as our other classes, it is an essential starting point for newcomers. We also recommend that even those with some prior boxing experience (24 hr Fitness cardio boxing or something similar) take Boxing Basics as their first class at HIT Fit Sf because we teach authentic boxing and foot work drills that are typically not taught in cardio boxing classes.

We ask that newcomers take at least 4 Beginner Boxing Classes before advancing to our Cardio Boxing Classes.

Good luck on starting your boxing journey!


Intermediate Boxing

Now the real workouts start!

MUST have completed at least 4 Beginner Boxing Classes to partake. Our Cardio Boxing classes will take your conditioning, core strength, and boxing skills to the next level.

After being shown all the basics in our Beginner Boxing Classes, we will give instruction where needed and will take the time to break down more advanced boxing combinations and the more advanced conditioning drills we will put you through.

Advanced Boxing

These will be a very fast paced class and it will be assumed that you are proficient in all aspects of boxing, punching, slipping, footwork and advanced combinations etc. The conditioning side of things will take no prisoners and you will be pushed to your limits to maximize results. For our long term attendees and diehards …enjoy!

What to expect:

Our boxing classes are generally formatted as follows: jump rope, warm up, partner combination drills, heavy bag work, intense conditioning drills, finish with core. Each of your trainers have their own favorite boxing combinations, footwork drills, and will use your body weight, medicine balls, slam balls, battle ropes, dumbbell drills, tire workouts, TRX or partner drills for conditioning and core so that every class is different and your body will never have a chance to get used to the workout.

Constantly Challenge your mind and body!!

TRX Circuit Training.

TRX (Total Resistance Exercise)

Are your ready to sweat?

Our TRX Circuit Training Classes combine our hugely popular Circuit Training Classes from Polk St Gym with the hugely popular workouts of TRX. Our TRX qualified trainers will take you through a one hour heart pounding workout using TRX suspension cables, medicine balls, dumbbell drills, kettle bells, Battle Ropes, Tires and hammers your own body weight and anything else we can think to throw at you! (not literally of course!)

What to expect.


“We look forward to meeting you and introducing you to our unbeatable workouts!” – Hit Fit SF Team.